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Out of the blue

Dear World,
I'm a bit introverted at times so I forget I should probably be more social on this little website, but honestly can't bring my self to talk to other people I don't know sometimes or I don't have some kind of intreast in. I mean I relate to art, writting,  reading you know stuff some people aren't all that intrested in at times. I am a gamer, but I'm casual,  I can't hard core game anything because one I like having free time,  two I like to draw so without my said free time I would be bored out of my mind for some reason games aren't that fun after you beat it. Even if their are other modes to make it easy or hard. I just like the story.  Three, it's been done before moment,  when I play a game I already know the ending too by just looking at the plot. It saddens me.  So anyway I've been working on my comic series, but my lack of ability to draw what I want is holding me back sorry to the world. 

Anyway I hope to be more artist, but I'm currently only posting stuff on my Deviantart.http://fullnight.deviantart.com/. Enjoy it, embrace it, fear it, cause I fear my work.  I'm actually going to eventually post my fanfictions there If and when I get the guts to actually do it.  I'll probably have a lot of my OC's in them, but I'm going to try to limit them. 

Thanks for reading,


Hey people of the Web

So people of the web, I am going to be doing a web series next year with a couple of my friends, apparently it's been decided and we will get to you with the details as we flesh it out, now I'm extremly happy to say that I'm almost done with finals this year. I can't wait. The pain of it is killing me slowly.  That aside I've been doing well,  sleeping eating and not getting into extrem trouble like I normally do.  So when I post my first entry of anything new I 'm doing I shall post it to this wonderful site and Twitter of course.  Not that i've used my twitter in a while because I've not been in a despressed or happy enough mood to, but it'll change once I get stuff ready. I'm also announcing a comic i might be posting a comic on here as well and I'll have to get back to you on that as well depending on my work.

The Terror of School

So once again I'm stuck writting papers for class for the rest of the week.  Whooo,  I have a five page paper due tomorrow, I have a two page due today and a three page due on thursday and another paper due on next Tuesday.  I swear the closer we get to the end of the year the more annoying my college papers get. I have been writing and drawing some cool stuff, but sadly won't be able to post them for a while. -Sigh- Oh well,  I'll get back to you hopefully in a a couple of days with something adorable.  Oh, yeah, I 'm always forget to mention I'm a World of Warcraft player which doesn't help me write at all so if I'm not writing or drawing I'm usually on there.


I drew this angel a little while ago, It's got a few flaws, but I still like it and I hope you like it too. 


The forgotten days that revolve around our lives. We sit and we wait to cry. The moments we often take for granted are the days we should remember.

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Happy time

I'm so happy that school is almost over and I can't wait till people will leave me alone. I might work at the library this summer to get some work experence. Someday I hope to work at the local bookstores. I'm sad though I'm gonna miss some of friends. Yet I'm tired off putting up with the drama highschool has.

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Finals take too much time I swear. I'm really tired and have been for like weeks. It's kinda sad I've been like this and normal I would be bouncing off the walls that school is almost over. Yet I'm sitting here trying to figure out if I'm gonna fail. Ugh, I despise finals.

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Trying to be insightful

Every moment I think, I'm going to be insightful when I say something, something stupid or weird comes out. Like, A pile of dead bodies should be at my house, but there isn't. Personally my favorite is, the only think hold you back is you. I know I heard it on tv, so I'm so quoting someone. My english teacher says that everything you say has been said somewhere else and you've heard it and reuse it. It's where the saying nothing new under the sun comes into play.

My saying for today:
Everyday the world grows darker and darker. Everyday I wonder how much longer we have till we can't see the truth anymore.


The worst thing in the world I swear is going to school.  It's like going to school only your not paied. There's no breaks and if you do get away with skipping. I hope you never run into the school police they scare me to death. Teachers tend to hate to put up with you.  They don't give you time to do any of your assignments and your luck if you get them done. Tests are like doctors appointments.  They constally get rescudualed and never happen right. People are always want to mess with you and cause you pain.  Getting picked on sucks, but getting into a fight is worse. School officals don't care who started it only that they get to punish who was invovled. School clubs are a joke and don't get me started on bussy work and all the other junk we have to do.  We also have to worry about the many atitudes of our teachers. Whether or not they are in a good mood a bad mood or one of those days when they just want to drag it on and on and on and on.  Recently I've noticed the lack of dress code in my school. They don't care I wore a my chemical romance bullet proof vest to school. My gosh it use to be against the school dress code, but it's not now.  Chains and spikes and guns on clothes too, but that's allowed. I can understand some kinda slack in the school dress code, but girls in really really short shorts or skits, or my favoirte guys with their pants around their ankles. Personally I'm all for dress how ever you want to, but if I can see things I don't need to see then we have a problem. Sorry if I sound ranty today it's been a rough couple of weeks with school, and guitar lessions. I've also been having some family troubles. Don't ask right now. 

Life's sayings

"Life sucks."
"Violence is always the answer."
"You never know what your going to get."
"You can't always get what you want."
"People will always let you down."
"sometimes you have to work for it." 
"If you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain." 
"Life is like flame it always goes out to quick." 
"Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get." 

Mally and me came up with these or stole them from tv shows.
Woooow hooooooo

"Crazyness and insanity aren't them same they are two totally difrent things." 
"Bunnies are people too." 
"Vampires are not people but gods, that can die." 

Brought to you by my crazy weird personality.


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